People in middle management and below usually work well and hard. Most people who write reviews on sites like Glassdoor are those who are angry about layoffs or personal problems with their superiors. The truth is that those of us who rejoice in our jobs never take the time to share the other side of the story. I have been with TransAlta for 4 years. For 25 years, my career has taken me to the four corners of the world to work on sustainable development projects. I have had the privilege of being mentored by some of the greatest professionals. Still, I don`t remember working for a more innovative and advanced company than TransAlta Corporation. It`s not one or two, but three of the superiors I`ve worked with in this company, who have taken the time to make sure I`m involved in projects that I think are useful. Trust is one of the highest I have ever encountered and ideas and proposals are heard and followed.

Most of the people I work with work hard because they feel respected and appreciated. In recent times, the company`s management team has involved us all in a culture change exercise; And the results have been excellent. A positive attitude is contagious and ours spreads quickly. I`m really looking forward to seeing the rest of my career here and I know many others that TransAlta faces in the same way. Instability, constant changes in the organization, restructuring, uncertain future TransAlta reached an exciting milestone last week, when we began the final stage of converting our SUN 6 unit from coal to natural gas. This $75 million project, due to be completed on October 24, is a critical step in our transition to 100% clean electricity by 2025. Jane Fedoretz, Chief Talent and Transformation Officer of TransAlta, participates in this week`s virtual “Women Lead Here” event, presented by the @globeandmail. No company is perfect, but this one is really close to an illegitimate and ruthless leadership that only takes care of itself.

People are treated like disposable items, and they will tell you that in the face, even if you do well or exceed expectations. The guided tour focused on getting $$ bonus for yourself, but turn around and turn the people who worked hard to avoid paying the bonus. HR is only in the name and there to respond to the commandments of the leadership….