If you need 2 licenses this month, you pay for two licenses, but if you use 30 licenses next month, you pay 30 and then you can go back and pay only the original 2 licenses or the amount you need. There are no minimum or maximum quotas. Although commercial hosting is not defined in Microsoft`s product usage rights, there have been some indications of commercial hosting use. For example, a financial institution that provides customers with an online banking service or an online application, or a company providing a customer portal, would not require a SPLA. In general, companies that use the software as a means of selling other goods or services do not need SPLA. In addition to the example of online banking, e-commerce platforms generally do not need SPLA, because their solution is used by the end user to acquire goods and services from the licensee. 4. Property, unauthorized, be of it, except that its software may contain non-substantial third-party software that is incorporated into their software or that works in support of their software. 5.1 The SP may only grant the sublicensing to its customers if the customer enters into the SP subscription contract, which consists of at least the terms of licence set out in Schedule 1 [sublicensing scope] of that agreement (“subscription contract”). 5.2 The SP acknowledges that failure to enter into the subscription contract at least to the extent specified in this contract with each customer is considered a substantial violation of that agreement, which may lead to the termination of the agreement as a whole or the suspension or termination of the product to the customer concerned, provided it is necessary to protect Flowmon`s rights. The SP is solely responsible for the damage caused by such a suspension or termination of a customer with whom the subscription contract has not been entered into. 5.3 The SP is also responsible for any act or inaction by its client that violates the terms and limitations of the subscription contract. 5.4 The SP is also obliged to grant Flowmon any reasonably necessary cooperation in the follow-up of legal proceedings against its customers in the event of non-compliance with the subscription contract.

3.1 The product may only be used for the purpose of providing services to customers and under the control of MS and its responsibility. 3.2 The SP must: (a) use the product in accordance with this agreement, the contract, the relevant documents and applicable laws and regulations, particularly those governing the processing of personal or sensitive data; (b) Ensure that all computer and hardware programs used in relation to the product are free of errors that could have a negative impact on the functionality or operation of the product; (c) ensure that they implement their own disaster rescue plans, including measures to replace the product in its infrastructure, including data backup, traffic security, data protection and redundancy of critical systems); (d) immediately inform Flowmon of any violation of Flowmon`s product rights and provide Flowmon with the necessary assistance to determine Flowmon`s claim regarding the violation of the rights of the product; (e) not to make Flowmon public and inform Flowmon immediately of detected product vulnerabilities and errors or errors that have arisen or have been discovered while using the product, and to give Flowmon the cooperation necessary to correct and correct these weaknesses, errors or errors, in particular to allow Flowmon immediate access to the material on which the product was used. , and allow any other software used the product; (f) enable Flowmon to conduct a proper inspection of the correct use of the product in accordance with this Agreement and the Contract, and to provide Flowmon with the necessary cooperation, as well as accurate and accurate information and documents to enable Flowmon to conduct this review.