It is best to use the United States Postal Service (USPS) to send the letter with a pass (see USPS Certified Letter template). The cost is $3.45 (only for the return confirmation service) and will provide proof that the letter has been served by returning a copy of the recipient`s signature upon acceptance. Receipt of the recipient`s acceptance may be used later to prove to the court that the addressee has received the declaration of omission. A declaration of omission invites the addressee to stop participating in a particular act and not to repeat it in the future. The letter may also warn against legal action being considered by the sender if the addressee of the request does not relax. State Default – Send to a party who does not comply with a valid agreement. A declaration of omission, also known as a Stop Harassment or Demand Letter, is a written communication formally asking a person or company to stop any unlawful or undesirable behavior (omission). Response to Declaration of Omission – If a party has received a Declaration of Omission, use this letter to respond to valid or invalid claims. The Federal Court of Justice ruled in favour of the respondent. The Bundesgerichtshof also held that the warning constituted an abuse of rights and rightly justified the termination of the omission agreement.

There is no legal sanction or effect for ignorance of a declaration of omission, but you may risk that the sender may take legal action against you if their claims are legally beyond reproach. However, if you are certain that the content of the letter is imprecise or unenforceable, you can ignore a statement of omission. Whether in print or oral form, it is illegal to make false comments about another person that could harm their reputation and business. A person who engages in such behaviour should not be surprised to hold in his or her hands a statement of omission. For example, a person who spreads unfounded rumors about a seller`s products may receive a declaration of omission – or even an order – because their words can harm the seller`s ability to sell….