Find out why there`s never been a better time to “go green” with your new leased vehicle. To get out of a PCH agreement early, you can`t just walk away from the deal. It may pay extra before you can leave that you had not budgeted. No, at the end of a standard car rental contract, the car is returned, checked and your monthly payment expires so you can rent another car. As long as you have paid (or can pay) half the cost of the car, you have the right to return it. For a PCH, an additional fee may be charged, so check your consent. Welcome to Car Leasing Contracts, one of the UK`s most popular automotive leasing specialists. We specialize in all types of automotive financing such as PCP, HP, Finance Lease – Outright Purchase, but in particular autoleasing and van-leasing. We strive to find the best car rental deals for our customers while offering an excellent level of service. We work closely with all major manufacturers and financial companies to bring you the most competitive private and commercial leasing prices. You may not know it, but the two usual ways to finance a car are contract personal rent (PCH) and personal contract purchase (PCP). PCH Leasing allows you to drive a new car every two years, with relatively low monthly payments and not worry about the resale value of the car.

PCP is similar, but gives you the opportunity to buy the car in the future. If you rent a car, there are strict rules and restrictions, so make sure you understand how it works. As with all rental contracts, there are a few restrictions that you need to take into account: You will find a whole series of amazing cars for leasing. Whether you want an Audi Autoleasing or something for the city like a Ford fiesta contract rental, we can help. Thousands of new vehicles have personal rental options. Some of our favorite manufacturers for private car leasing are: from 12-month short-term leases to packages including insurance and maintenance, your dedicated account manager is at your disposal to guide you from vehicle inspection to free home delivery and key delivery. You may need to pass a credit check to secure your agreement. Select Car Leasing is one of the UK`s leading independent car and van leasing specialists. Founded in 2004, we have been supplying leasing vehicles to thousands of satisfied customers across the UK for more than 14 years. Our team of friendly, experienced and professional car leasing consultants is here to help you answer any questions you have from your first request to the delivery of the vehicle.

Leasing means that you don`t own the vehicle, so you don`t have to worry about time amortization or the right to use the roads, as this is the responsibility of the leasing company.