(2) If, after January 1, 2004, a landlord authorizes a tenant to keep a pet on residential land, the landlord may require the tenant to leave a deposit for damage to pets in accordance with sections 19 [deposit limits] and 20 [deposit-keeping bans]. If a tenant does not pay the deposit within 30 days of the conclusion of the tenancy agreement or the deposit for damage to the pet within 30 days of Derittis, the landlord may be served on the tenant with a notice of termination. (1.1) A lessor shall not change locks or other access routes to a rental unit unless a notification under this section is in accordance with Section 52 [form and content of termination] and, in the case of a notification referred to in paragraph 5, indicates the name and address of the buyer who has asked the lessor to disclose. (g) the tenant does not repair, within a reasonable time, damage to the rental unit or other real estate in accordance with Section 32, paragraph 3 [repair and maintenance obligations]; (a) termination of a tenancy agreement on a date prior to the tenancy agreement would end if the termination of the tenancy had taken place pursuant to Section 47 [The Lessor`s Communication: Cause] and (f) the tenant or a tenant-approved person on the residential property caused exceptional damage to a leased or residential property; 2. A tenant must comply with appropriate health, cleanliness and hygiene standards throughout the rental unit and other real estate to which the tenant has access. “rental unit,” a unit to rent or rent to a tenant; The lease agreement is considered to be a clause prohibiting or limiting the smoking of cannabis in the same way that tobacco is prohibited or restricted. (a) the lessor enters into in good faith an agreement to sell the rental unit, “domestic violence” that affected the silent enjoyment, security, security, physical well-being of a tenant or resident or is likely to affect it if the tenant or occupant remains in a rental unit, including (b) inhabited by a tenant who had to prove that the tenant had to prove that the tenant had to prove that the tenant , or another proposed inmate, met the eligibility criteria for income, number of inmates, health or other similar criteria before entering into the lease agreement for the rental unit.