Each member has the right to withdraw each month a certain amount of money from the LLP fund This is a payment to each member`s annual profit-sharing account and is the recognition that members have personal requirements that they might otherwise not meet if they waited for their share of the profits to be determined at the end of each year. This qualification is called subscription and must be included in the contractual clause. If LLP z.B. wishes to welcome a new partner, a supplementary agreement must be concluded in order to insert a new clause on the inclusion of a new partner. The clause should contain information about the new partner, capital contribution, profit/loss participation, etc. This article is an attempt to explain the fundamental concepts of the LLP agreement, the essential content of such an agreement, as well as the standard clauses contained in an LLP agreement and the procedure for including those clauses. One of the points to remember here is that the LLP agreement and the endorsement must be stamped, signed and notarized. Although this is mentioned in Form 3, here are some detailed points that can be added to the agreement – each member of the LLP has certain obligations vis-à-vis the LLP. This clause contains all the commitments that the partners owe to LLP. All members of the LLP have the right to pay all losses they incur if they fulfil their obligations and obligations in accordance with the rules established by the LLP. Clause describing when an LLP can be converted into a company: this clause is beneficial for the LLP, as it avoids any ambiguity as to when the LLP should be placed in the following position. The clause can be designed in such a way that the LLP can be converted on the basis of time or on the basis of the financial objective.

For example, this clause contains information about the management body that aims to regulate and create the proposed LLP. Minutes should be kept to record minutes of meetings of partners and the partners` administrative or executive committee. No regular meetings of LLP members are planned. The partners can decide when and how they meet or as provided for in the LLP agreement. It is also appropriate to insert a dissolution clause that states that others, when a member is dying or retiring, may decide that they would rather elevate the LLP rather than exercise the option of taking their share. The liquidation of LLP can be either of[4]: – for example: “No person or body may be introduced as a new partner without the agreement of all existing partners. Therefore, the LLP agreement will be amended accordingly with the agreement of all partners. LLP partners may terminate any partner by a majority of 75% of the LLP or expel them from the LLP. » Departure of partners: this is important to understand the conditions of retirement of a partner.

LLP Agreement is only responsible for such clauses. Normally, the partner who wishes to retire must make a prior announcement, preferably 30 days in advance. In accordance with the provisions of the Limited Liability Act, in the absence of agreement with regard to matters relating to partnership or partners, reciprocal rights and obligations shall apply in accordance with Annex I of the Act. Therefore, if the LLP wishes to exclude any of the provisions set out in Schedule I of the Act, it must enter into an LLP agreement to expressly exclude those provisions. Rights and obligations of partners: The rights and obligations of partners are defined in the LLP Agreement. the right of access to accounts; right to an equal share of the profit, title of the enterprise; the right of representation and loan; the right to conduct transactions on behalf of the LLP; accountability for benefits received from this LLP; the obligation to exempt other partners; the obligation to provide true and complete information about its accounts; Obligation not to assign, rent, burden the LLP without the agreement of other partners, etc. .