5. The subscriber agrees that all certifications and agreements in the service are maintained and that they apply to any consumer and/or survey reports ordered by the DRN subscriber. The subscriber undertakes to keep all documents requested by the applicant at least three years after the date of the report to which these documents relate and to provide DRN copies upon request. Many employers choose to search for the most common data sets, such as criminal records, driving records and educational examinations. Other searches, such as sex offender registration, registration information review, competency assessment, reference examinations, credit reports and Patriot Act searches, are becoming more frequent. [21] An employment history review is conducted by an employer to confirm that the employment information in your CV and/or application is correct. In most cases, background reviews cost time and money. We advise managers and staff to carry out the checks sparingly, preferably during the last round of candidates shortlisted in the hiring process or a candidate they have recruited. Local laws may require a candidate to have an offer in hand before requesting permission for a background examination. We respect all laws.

Local laws may prohibit or restrict certain types of substantive controls. We comply with legal guidelines at all times. Note that HR/Hiring Manager to verify a candidate`s background review takes into account convictions, not arrests. [17] The first Polish research on pre-employment screening shows that 81% of staff officers have discovered the phenomenon of lies in the CVs of job applicants. The employer is responsible for collecting and protecting the necessary information so that only certain people in the organization can access it. The applicant must receive a copy of the substantive review to allow the applicant to ensure that the information contained in the substantive test is correct. The employer was unable to retain the personal data more than it needed. [10] The employer must treat the applicant`s personal data confidentially. The applicant must receive a copy of the background to verify or update the information that appears on the background test. The employer cannot keep the information more than necessary. The employer must give a code of conduct to anyone in contact with the information provided by the applicant. The company must be audited to ensure that they respect and protect the data.

[10] F.