[37] In addition, Lambrecht wanted to ensure that an agreement was not against the law and wanted to review it with Hiline`s lawyer. He did so – and asked Hoeben to rule on the legality of the “proposed agreement.” On October 28, 2004, Mr. Hoeben replied that it was primarily the regulatory regime, but also considered that the proposed agreement, which he had had been given, required substantial modifications and additions in order to obtain clarification on marketing activities. As the global economy continues to face the consequences of COVID-19, it is recognized that the pandemic is likely to cause serious disruption to day-to-day operations. Since we all face uncertainties about the exact economic consequences of COVID-19, it is advisable to review your trade agreements and assess your rights and risks. Below are some of the most important legal clauses that need to be addressed. 4.5 . . . However, there are a number of provisions of Article 6 which, during the negotiations (“negotiations”) between myself and Mr Shepherd, who represents the cedingman, represents the cedingman, with whom the rights and obligations are now linked to the decision on the applicant, when the lease was agreed orally between me and Mr Shepherd, as I said, even when our common intention was born before the signing of the agreement (“the common intention”). , was agreed orally. Lease agreement on November 7, 2007; [41] She wrote to Hoeben that same day to say that there had been “delays in the finalization of our agreement.” It added: [4] The respondent did exercise the option with respect to Term 6 during the original term and the agreement was extended for “the first extension period,” i.e.

a second five-year term. The second five-year term was scheduled to end on November 30, 2017. Previously, on October 11, 2017, Shepherd Industrial transferred its rights and delegated the obligations arising from the agreement to the applicant, Shepherd Real Estate Investments (Pty) Ltd. [21] Boruchowitz J. Boruchowitz J. , which did not refer to subsequent agreements, and specifically referred to additive A.