Carahsoft`s Adobe JELA This is the second JELA the Pentagon has concluded and resembles the first such agreement reached in December 2012 for Microsoft products. JeLA`s goal is to reduce costs and improve cooperation, interoperability, document services and publishing functions. It also supports the Combatant Command HQ, for which the Air Force and Army are executive agents. The army`s deputy CIO, Michael Krieger, said the agreement improved the terms of licence and led to “a real common information environment.” The army will soon begin to transform all of its forms into a portable document format (PDF). “JeLA is a good practice approach to meeting the needs of enterprise software for DOD and joint operations,” said Lieutenant-General Michael Basla, Chief of Information And IOC Air Force Agency. The deal is expected to save $16.6 million over three years, Basla said, and will allow services to modernize their process through Adobe products, which include Acrobat Pro, Experience Manager Document Services and subscriptions to several Creative Cloud tools. Why Adobe products? – Does it offer DoD-certified deployments – interoperable data collection – significantly expands content delivery functions (Web, Print, Digital, Design, Distribution) – Huge cost savings and resource consolidation – Connections and improvements to existing enterprise content management systems – Improved security, Encryption, Authentication and Digital Signature Workflows – Exponential Increase in Business Efficiency The agreement, which provides 2.6 million employees to a contract vehicle for Adobe technologies, is part of DOD`s efforts to reduce costs, streamline collection and ensure product interoperability. DOD`s first JELA, a three-year, $617 million agreement for Microsoft products, including the Army, Air Force and DISA, was awarded in December 2012. Note that LiveCycle ES4 end-of-Life for March 2018: You can visit our website: Video: The Ministry of Defense has signed a three-year enterprise licensing agreement (JELA) with CDW-G for Adobe products. The $40.5 million agreement uses the purchasing power of 2.6 million DoD employees within the Air Force, Army and Defense Information Systems Agency. Whether you manage forms, digital signatures and document workflows, or if you are an expert in public affairs or design, who needs the best creative tools, this webinar can give you an overview of the features you have through JELA and how to apply for your licenses.

“JeLA is a best practice approach to meeting the needs of enterprise software for doDs and joint operations,” said Lieutenant-General Michael Basla, Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Officer of the Air Force. “The agreement with Adobe not only saves $16.6 million over the next three years, but also extends beyond electronic versions of forms and transforms business processes using “smart” online forms that fill in and connect to databases.” Carahsofts` wide choice of calendars, contracts and sales contracts makes getting the solutions you need quickly and easily.