In the context of “consumer guarantees,” the services you provide must be: it is very important to consider how intellectual property rights are treated in a customer service contract. There are usually four different categories of intellectual property that may need to be dealt with in a customer service contract: Yes, this is an extra effort that probably doesn`t excite you too much. However, trust us, because the possible consequences of signing an agreement that you do not understand are much more expensive than any legal right. Before you sit down to create your own, it is important to distinguish between an agreement and a contract. This blog post does not constitute legal advice and should not be used as such. This is a general comment on issues that may be of interest to you. Formal legal or expert advice should be sought before relying on all the issues raised by this communication. If you run your business, your time is extremely valuable; the last thing you want is to waste it using customers for payments. By clearly defining the terms of payment in your contract, you can be sure that your customers understand how and when payments are needed and that they are aware of the consequences if they do not meet their payment obligations. When establishing your customer agreement, you must make it clear when each part of the project is due. If you would like help setting up service contracts, most NDIS providers have standard service contracts and are happy to help. For more advice, you can also contact your local coordinator or support coordinator.

Managing your contracts and business relationships is very important. If you have a support coordinator, you can even help you organize and verify your service contracts and contact your service providers directly. Click here for more information on coordinating the assistance. The service contract is designed to protect you from misunderstandings or disagreements by clearly stating the amount of assistance provided, how they are provided and the fees and fees you must pay. Because the NDIS gives you more choice and control over who you receive, it also means that you need to make sure they are delivered in a way that fits your plan – that`s where the service contract comes in.